40 things to do before I’m 40

Here is a list of things I hope to do before I turn 40. I’ll cross them off as they are completed and update you on my progress. Thanks for following along in this journey! 40 things to do before I'm 40

  1. Try something new every day
  2. Climb Mt. Katahdin
  3. Take a random weekend trip with my family – just pack our bags and drive
  4. Go whale watching
  5. Learn to can veggies
  6. Learn to make jelly/preserves Completed on 7/3/2014! Thanks MOM!
  7. Learn to kayak in fast water
  8. Write the book that has been on my heart and submit to a publisher
  9. Run a 10K
  10. Run a half-marathon
  11. Make my goal weight of 135
  12. For 30 days – cut out all processed foods  Completed on 5/28/14!  
  13. Take dance lessons with my husband
  14. Learn how to sew
  15. Learn to make sushi
  16. Teach the children to prepare a meal from scratch
  17. Teach my husband to prepare a meal from scratch
  18. Get to know my neighbors better This is going to always be a work in progress, but I am considering it complete.  Since we brought our puppy home, we are spending LOTS of time in our yard which makes for lots of time chatting with neighbors out in the yard. We also take daily walks and that has helped, too. 
  19. Take golf lessons
  20. Learn to fly fish
  21. Go ice fishing
  22. Save at least 3 months’ salary
  23. Take a photography class
  24. Write a letter to 5 people who have changed my life
  25. Help someone else achieve their dream
  26. Be able to do 5 pull-ups
  27.  Start a side business doing something I love
  28. Memorize scripture
  29. Do one random act of kindness each week
  30. Surprise my kids
  31. Surprise my husband
  32. Take a new way home from time to time
  33. Visit New York City with my family and attend a Broadway show
  34. Read 5 classic novels
  35. Go 48 hours without technology (computer, iPhone, iPad)
  36. Give a speech in front of a large group of people
  37. Volunteer for a cause
  38. Plan a party in someone else’s honor Completed 6/28/2014! My parent’s 40th anniversary was the perfect party to plan. 
  39. Get my Passport and travel out of the country
  40. Keep a journal