What is GracefulMess?

Graceful Mess is a little term that Jennifer coined when she first started blogging.

A Graceful Mess is someone that navigates the “messes” of life with that feeling that they just don’t quite have it all together. Often feeling inadequate, incomplete, and flustered… these “messes” may feel as though they just don’t always stack up. BUT the best part is the grace!

Grace is when we get what we don’t deserve.
Grace is loving the unloved.
Grace is forgiving the unforgivable.
Grace is staring fear in the face and being fearless.
Grace is something we are given freely with God’s love.


Jennifer started a little Facebook community to show how she navigates her Graceful Messes… they may even sound a bit like yours. Join in on the conversation: www.facebook.com/gracefulmess